Data Recovery

All your files recovered, 99% guarantee

Data Recovery

At Newtrics we see your important Data/Files to just as important as ours. We offer Data/File Recovery solutions for many situations of logical or physical data corruption.

If you ever have the need to recover your files from a corrupted media from media like USB stick, single hard disk, CD/DVD disk, raid disk set-up, tape or other type of computer media, you should bring us the corrupted media immediately without tampering with it in ANY way and let us take the responsibility to recover it, no matter what happened!

As a respected professional of Data Recovery Specialists “Northwind”, we will co-operate to find and recover your information.


Recover Your Data

Retrieval-Rate (99%)

In all our cases of data recovery from Hard-disk, USB and SD-cards, the level of successful recovery has been 100%. If the disk or media has not been physically damaged, the success rate of retrieval is in almost all cases 100%. If you have such a corrupted media, it can be recovered !

My I.T. says I have lost all my files!

Not true! Data recovery can retrieve files from:

  • Formatted, Deleted, Lost Partition hard-disks
  • Corrupted media
  • Non-accessible to system media
  • Some levels of physically damaged media

Data recovery can not retrieve files from:

  • Physically damaged media- broken, smashed or burnt

How to proceed with recovering your lost/corrupt data

Step 1

If you have a damaged media (hard-disk, usb, CD/DVD, SD-card, etc.) DO NOT TRY ANYTHING. Contact us and bring the media directly to us. You don’t pay any posting or estimation fees!

Step 2

We will check your disk for possible recovery and will send you a list of retrievable files. Once you make a payment, we will proceed to recover the data.

Step 3

We will send you back the retrieved data on disk or CD. You don’t pay anything for posting!