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ContaStic v1.0 (freeware)    Windows compatibleDownload from newtrics!

ContaStic is a simple database system for Windows to keep information of contacts, which can be separated in multiple categories like: Business, Personal, etc. The interface is very easy to use and has most basic features like, adding records, editing, saving, finding and printing. Finding is a very powerful feature in ContaStic and also easy to do -you only need to type in a couple of characters you are searching for. You can also use multiple fields to narrow your search criteria. All features are listed below.

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ContaStic 1.0 is Freeware! Download your FREE copy today! (use: 123456 as the default password). File integrity check: contastic.md5.

NOTE for Windows 95 users: You will need Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher and WinSock 2 for the application to function properly.

For problems and issues regarding the software please comment below.

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