Cloud Solutions

Leave your local Server, hook to the Cloud

Cloud Solutions

Cut your local I.T. system costs and join a more reliable, flexible and much cheaper solution, the Cloud.


  • You have one shareable place where all your files reside
    • file-sharing, networking, collaborating
  • You can access your files from your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.
    • even though your files are stored at one place, by using the cloud you are able to view, edit or download any file residing on this platform
  • You can give permission to share specific files to specific users
    • i.e. you have a 15 MB price-list file as a PDF document, email is quite a problem to send over slow connections and many servers block files with a certain size in MB, this way you can share any kind of file document and provide just a simple link to your contact
  • This storage can be your main file-system usage or just a backup of a local system
    • cloud server storage is not a simple server or PC, they are fast and reliable machines that do just one thing; have the size and ability to store and secure your valuable files

What a cloud-system is or how it could help

  • a good platform to store or access files securely and reliably
  • a platform that can provide “software as a service” solution to many business requirements
  • a sharing or network filing system that a business can benefit from with lower costs
  • a business collaboration system that business and partners or customers can all benefit from
  • a platform that can host all your bulk emails, even as an enterprise i.e. Exchange Mail
  • a platform to utilise advanced system/network configurations, all residing in the cloud
  • for personal use, professional or enterprise use -there is a solution for everyone
  • easy access from multiple devices and/or operating systems
  • it can be configured to a pay-as-you-go solution -pay only for what you need, nothing more


Contact us NOW to quote an estimation for your system. Your local system will eventually come to the point at which it will need to be upgraded/replaced. You do not have a choice and cannot be avoided, you will then have to make quick decisions of upgrading or purchasing new systems, software, etc. Make a wiser decision and join a flexible cloud system which will cut your I.T.-system costs by 3 times lower than what you will be paying for the next upgrade!