Had worked on an enterprise project used by a Cyprus Government Department as a client-server based system.

I was the main support developer of the system based on Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF). The system was developed by an older team at the company who had introduced the system and logic over to me for support and further development. The database was hosted on a Sun Solaris 10 Server, clustered on an Oracle Database 10g. The interface was intranet-based using Oracle’s ADF on an Oracle Application Server 10g. The system also had reports written in i-net Crystal-Clear Reports hosted on the same server. I was fully involved in all support issues -on development of the web-interface, reports, database and server configuration for more than a year. This system was also later fully upgraded to a JSP web-based client-server system running on an Oracle (WebLogic) database 11g. I was then equally involved in systems analysis, database structuring, report and interface development.

Technologies used/worked with initial system:

Oracle Database Server 10g, i-net Crystal-Clear Reports 7/8, Sun Solaris 10, Oracle ADF 10g, Java, Windows XP, Windows 7, Sun Systems Hardware

Technologies used/worked with upon upgrade system:

Oracle (WebLogic) database 11g, JDeveloper 11g, NetBeans 7, JSP, Java Servlets, Windows XP, Windows 7, Virtual Machines, Linux

Had worked on an enterprise project used by a Cyprus Government Department as a client-server based system.

The product was an upgrade of an existing outdated system that would be replaced by a new web-based system using newer technologies of the web like JSPs and a back-end Oracle database. The older database (non-Oracle) was to be moved/converted to an Oracle database and the new interface be built based on the old interface. This was limiting the flexibility of using a new JSP web-based technology as the older menu-logic was not that welcome using new JSP technologies and had to be customised to fit the old layout. The development started off after customer requirements and after completing the analysis and building the database structure in Oracle. I was initially involved in building and converting the old reports (non-Oracle) to Oracle Reports. This part of the work had a sheer difficulty due to fact that we had to learn the basic development of the old reports to be able to apply that logic to any newer development system. I was later involved in developing some of the JSP interfaces and/or database changes. The database and reporting servers were placed on virtual machines (Oracle’s Virtual Technology) and was involved at many times during the deployment of the Testing and Production systems, from setting-up to configuring the virtual machines. I was finally one of the main support developers after the system was in production for less than a year.

Technologies used/worked with:

Oracle Database Server (WebLogic) 10g, Oracle Reports 10g, Oracle Virtual Machines, Oracle Linux Server, JDeveloper 10g, JDeveloper 11g, NetBeans 6, HTML, JSP, Java Servlets, Informix, Windows XP, Windows 7, HP Server Hardware