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Euro to Cyprus Pounds converter

EuroCyp Converter v1.1 new    Download from newtrics!   Windows compatible

EuroCyp is a EURO to CYP currency converter. It is also a 2-way converter, meaning you can convert either from EURO to CYP or backwards! Small, quick and FREE!
New: Now the rate can be entered with a 6-digits decimal for more accuracy

eurocyp screenshot

Feature list:

  • Convert Cyprus pounds to EURO
  • Convert EURO to Cyprus pounds
  • Convert in 3 ways: Enter Key, Convert button or right-click & Convert
  • Set a quick link to on-line currency charts
  • Change the current rate
  • Help on every window
  • Windows 98,2000,XP & Vista (95/NT with service packs)
  • FREE!

EuroCyp Converter is Freeware! Download your FREE copy today! File integrity check:eurocyp.md5

NOTE for Windows 95/NT users: You will need Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher and Active Desktop for the application to function properly.

For problems and issues regarding the software please visit the EuroCyp Forums, select EuroCyp Converter and view FAQ’s and other topics or post new ones.

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