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Elite Software…


Total Commander (windows file-manager) *****

Total Commander or TC (dual-pane interface, like the old Norton Commander) is one of the elite software of file-managers close to no other. Visit our BLOG for TC for some of the main comparisons to Windows file-manager or download a copy and see for yourself what you’ve been missing. Comes in a version for all Windows, Android, Portable and Pocket PC.


Photofiltre (mini photoshop-like software) *****

Photofiltre is an excellent small footprint of the type Photoshop. It is small and handy for all your basic graphic tasks and more. Low resource hungry and fast. Download and install a free copy from here.


PANDA (antivirus software) ****

PANDA is a slim and silent antivirus and spyware protection, who performs very well among the others! A truly excellent piece of software to keep your system clean. Low resource hungry, fast, will catch memory resident or removable disk type of malware, online web-links protection, etc. Download and install a free copy from here.


ClamWin (antivirus tool) ***

ClamWin is a powerful free antivirus application which is small, fast and even comes in a portable version! Why portable? -less memory use, can take it anywhere with you, uses less space, equally configurable, less complications and conflicts with other software running!

The free normal version of ClamWin can be downloaded directly from the developer’s site. There is also a portable version of ClamWin can be downloaded from John Haller’s portable apps site. Download either version as your preference, install, run, update to latest definitions and scan your drive -get rid of all those pests!


PrintKey (screen capture tool, for Windows XP) ****

PrintKey is a tool that no one should stay without. It is the ultimate Print Screen Key utility to ‘capture’ any screen window or part of and save it, print it or use a load of features to export/save it to what suits best.

A free (older) version of PrintKey can be downloaded or you can also check out the developer’s website and see the new “PrintKey Pro” version and find out about it’s new features!


The Linux OS links…

The official site to get official information about the Linux system is which provides the latest information of Linux future and help plus tutorials to get anyone new to the OS up and running.

DistroWatch the selected place to find most information on the various Linux Distributions that have and are being developed. Very good resource if you need to be updated with Linux distros and select the version YOU would install on your pc. Recommended distros:

  • Ubuntu
  • Puppy Linux
  • PCLinuxOS
  • OpenSUSE
  • Knoppix
  • Linspire


Freeware Website links…

  • FreewareHome is the most updated and packed with freeware site! Very much reccomended.
  • NoNags is the next selection to freeware software and also has a rate to its lists. Good resource.
  • SnapFiles is another selective resource for freeware and has also a rating of its lists.


PDA/PocketPC Software links…

  • PocketGear is probably the most relative, updated and packed with PDA/Pocket software that you will be amazed of what your little PDA/Pocket can do for you! Very much reccomended.
  • PocketPCSoft is also a selected resources for little PC machines. Good resource.
  • PocketMind has one thing that most PDA/Pocket users want; MP3 player, and it’s also FREE!
  • PocketDownload is one more place to purchase software for your PDA/Pocket PC/Mobile/etc.


Network Help links…

Practically Network is a good resource of networking solutions, problems and tutorials for help on:

  • Networking
  • Internet Sharing
  • Security
  • Backgrounders
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • PracNet How To’s

Windows Networking is another resource of windows networking solutions, problems and tutorials for covering all versions of windows and Internet Sharing configurations.