Games Development (Computer Science Degree)

Web 3D Scene: RC-Model Anim

A web 3D scene and model designed using the X3D markup technology based on XML. The scene was initially coded using the graphics editor for X3D files, X3D-Edit which helped learning X3D as well. The final version of the 3D scene was completed using the more powrful and feature-rich 3D graphics modeling application for web 3D, from developers who also provide the player for on-line content viewing, Flux Studio.


You can click the thumbnail image above or alternatively view it here (Internet Explorer only). Please note that you will need a X3D player like FluxPlayer to view it.

Notes: You need the FluxPlayer v2.1 be able to view the scene (uzip and install SetupFluxPlayerStudio2-1.exe on your system to view it.

2D Action Game: Gumbo v1.0

A 2D game developed with C++ using the EGG Framework provided by Stuart Slater. With Visual Studio .NET 2003, the game was written from scratch including some simple AI and maths and other features like full custom created graphics, sounds, animation and gameplay. This was the first encounter with game development and was based and written from the initial design docs to final deployment (as a demo). The project helped to understand the full development cycle of a game, software wise and more specifically in game development.

The game solution can be downloaded from here (16MB, 35sec @200kb/s) and you can also get the Game Design Document (1.1MB) if needed. Alternatively, a full installable package (66MB, 4min @200kb/s) can be downloaded which adds directX support if not avaailable.


a). The game solution can be opened with MS Visual Studio .NET, by opening the “EGG.sln” file.
b). The setup package can be installed by running the “setup.exe” within the zipped download.

2D lip-sync

A 2D animation created with 2D drawings to make a stopmotion movie of a small 10-second speech lip-sync. The images were all hand drawn with pencil and paper, were then filmed in a STOPMOTION movie maker called Monkey Jam -a small, FREE and simple tool that does exaclty this. Through this project, a good understanding has been developed of how to synchronize sound with image/animation. To see it in action now, click on the image below:

2D human walk

A 2D animation to create a normal full-cycle walk of a human. It required many drawings, changes and re-draws to create the final movie with stopmotion filming. It was a hard task, but it was good fun to do it! The movie was filmed in a STOPMOTION movie maker called Monkey Jam -a small, FREE and simple tool that can help do this. This project has empowered my abilities to draw from scratch, film 2D drawings into a movie and animating. This was the first encounter with stop-motion movie making and which is exciting! If you want to have a look at this animation now, click on the image below:

3D walk cycle

A 3D animation of a human walk cycle using two characters, a human pulling an object and another pushing an object. It was designed completely from scratch in a 3D application called Maya. Starting from a screen with just a gridded background, placing and animating the figure was one of the greatest challenge and surely loved every minute. The animation was not desinged by reading the help/tutorial file from the animation package, but was made while doing research, studying the human movement, the human body, dynamics and observing! If you want to see these animation now, click on the any of the images below: