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Newtrics is an Information Technology service and consultancy, providing:

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18.05.2013 - Data disaster? Did you you know that 95% of the times, your data can be fully recovered? Yes, most of the corrupted media can be fully restored if no human interaction occurred in between (i.e. hammer a hard-disk to open it). You may just need to pay a maybe a bit extraordinary amount, but if you have to get the data -DO IT !

15.06.2012 - Total Commander (dual-pane Windows Explorer) is out with a new version 8.0, supporting x64 bit technology now!

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* A New way to secure your data! Have a look at TrueCrypt. This is an absolute must if you want to be prepared for, losing your disk, stolen, etc. This would be your way to protect the data no matter what! Check it out -it's also Open Source!
* Create an easy, but powerful password -create a 'newtripass'...
* Get basic free protection from viruses, spyware and web links with AVG antivirus.
* Companies have begun to develop a better Boss-Employee relationship, see how.
* Should you get an ATI or a GeForce graphics card? Check out this comparison.
* Get the latetest Firefox (3.x) and use its "Private Browsing" for online safety. You can also get it in your language.

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